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     My name is Madeline Kaplan, and I  recieved my Bachelors of Science degree from the Westphal School of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University in June, 2016.


     My interest in fashion began at a very young age. Long before I could sew, or was even allowed to use a needle, I experimented with fabrics and shapes, designing accessories and putting them together with a stapler. My mother's favorite was a very dysfunctional purple felt pouch with a pink yarn rosette on the front. It didn’t actually close, and the staples stabbed her, but she still has it to this day.


     I taught myself  how to hand-sew when I was 9. I found an old pair of black velvet pants in a basket of discarded clothing and cut off one of the legs. It became a scarf. Christmas ribbon with wire structuring formed the ends.


     I have found that my true passion is designing childrenswear, which led to the whimsical pieces in my senior collection. I believe that fashion should bring joy to the wearer, but still be functional. I have an eye for color, texture and shape, but I also pay attention to the small details that make my designs truly unique.